Financial Aid


General Award Requirements

RETURNING Students will automatically be considered for a General Donor Scholarship if the following is met:

  • Has at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Is making satisfactory academic progress
  • Is seeking a degree
  • Previously attended Pitt-Bradford (as degree seeking student)
  • Is registered in at least six credits by April 15, 2013
  • Filed a FAFSA by March 1, 2013
  • Wrote a thank you to the donor (if you have received a donor scholarship in the past)



New students - transfers and freshmen (including students who were in the Bridges program and College in High School) - will not be considered for Donor Scholarships in general and should not complete this application, even if they meet the Specific Award Criteria below, since most donor scholarships are for returning students ONLY.


Specific Award Criteria

Note: To be considered for a specific award, you MUST meet one or more of the following criteria. If you DO NOT meet any of the below criteria, DO NOT complete this application/essay. Remember, as long as you meet the general requirements above, you will be considered for a General Donor Scholarship.

1.      Are you, a parent, grandparent, or other family member employed by or a current member of one of the PYOGA of Desk and Derrick Clubs or one of the other businesses listed?


Copy Connection

Metz & Associates LTD

National Assoc. of Purch. Mgrs. of the Twin Tier

Pepperell Braiding Company

W.R.Case & Sons Cutlery Company



Aiello Brothers Oil & Gas

American Refining Group Inc.

Appalachian Basin Land Resources

ARG Resources Inc.

Belser Hale Inc.

BioMaxx Inc.

Cline Oil Company

Commonwealth Trucking Co.

Dallas Morris Drilling

DEW Services

Elexco Land Services

Howard Drilling

KC Oil Company

Kessel Construction Inc.

Keystone Wireline Service

Lang Surveying

LJ Stein & Co.

McCracken Oil & Gas

Miller Oil Company

Minard Run Oil Company

Pennsylvania General Energy LLC



2.      Do you have a parent who is a member of the Bradford Kiwanis Club?


3.      Were you a member of Bradford Area High School's Key Club?


4.      Did you attend Bradford Catholic school system? If so, when?


5.      Were you a Girl Scout at the Cadet, Senior, or Gold level?


6.      Each bullet below refers to a specific scholarship. If none of them fit you, do not complete the required essay for this section.

  I am majoring in English, Writing, Public Relations or Broadcast Communications

  I am from Warren County, AND am involved with my community

  I am a student whose parent/legal guardian, sibling or other family member is an alumni of Pitt-Bradford AND I am involved in extracurricular or club activities

  I am a History/Political-Science or Social Science major

  I am a student whose parent/legal guardian, sibling or other family member is an alumni of Pitt-Bradford

  I am majoring in Criminal Justice, Human Relations, Sociology, Social Sciences or Psychology

  I am majoring in Business Management (including; Accounting, Economics, and Entrepreneurship) from McKean or Clearfield, or Elk County.

  I am a Business or Engineering major from Pennsylvania.



I know I will need to complete a thank you letter if I am awarded any DONOR SCHOLARSHIP and will be notified in October by the Department of Institutional Advancement as to who and where to send it to.

I understand that I am a returning student and that if I meet the requirements of the General Donor Scholarship, I will be automatically considered for an award.

However, I meet at least one of the Specific Award Criteria and would like to complete the 2013-2014 DONOR SCHOLARSHIP SUPPLEMENTAL FORM.


Each year donor scholarships are awarded to deserving students. Because of recent economic factors, more students have greater financial need. We in the Office of Financial Aid want to ensure that we are helping those students who have need as well and recognizing their merit with these scholarships.


These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of various individuals, clubs, organizations, industries and foundations. These privately funded scholarships range from $200 to $3,000 per year and are awarded to eligible returning students based on specifications pre-determined by the individual donors.


         These scholarships make a difference to our students. Read how.

Proceed to Donor Scholarship Application Form

Note:Please enter for the username and your PITT email password for the password when prompted after clicking the link above.

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